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List of Awards and Recipients

Distinguished Scientific Contributions

This award would recognize a SoAP member who has made distinguished theoretical or empirical contributions to research in the addictions field or had made distinguished theoretical or empirical advances leading to the understanding or amelioration of practical important problems in the field. This contribution could be for either a single extraordinary achievement or a lifetime of work.


Michael Sayette (2021)

Kim Fromme (2019)

Stephen Maisto (2017)

Kenneth Leonard (2015)

Marsha Bates (2011)

Rudolf Moos (2009)

Kenneth Sher (2007)

Sharon Wilsnack (2005)

William Miller (2003)

Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions

This award is to be given annually to a member of SoAP who has had a doctoral degree for no more than 7 years. The award is to recognize distinguished early scientific contributions to the field of addictions.  


Mary Beth Miller (2021)

Mark Prince (2020)

Michael Amlung (2019)

Jennifer Merrill (2018)

Robert Schlauch (2017)

Joseph Ditre (2016)

Erika Litvin Bloom (2015)

Adam Leventhal (2014)

Lara Ray (2013)

James MacKillop (2012)

Joseph LaBrie (2011)

Mark Muraven (2010)

Carl Lejuez (2009)

Susan Tapert (2008)

Clayton Neighbors (2007)

Tammy Chung (2006)

Thomas Piasecki (2005)

Jon Kassel (2004)

Keith Humphreys (2003)

Distinguished Career Contributions to Education and Training

This award would be conferred on a SoAP member who has made a distinguished contribution to the advancement of education and training in the addictions field; this contribution would not be limited to university education and training.


Judith Arroyo (2021)

Kenneth Sher (2019)

Kirk Bowden (2017)

Bruce Liese (2015)

Gerard Connors (2013)

Timothy Baker (2009)

Barbara McCrady (2007)

Kathleen Carroll (2005)

Distinguished Scientific Contributions to the Application of Psychology

This award would be conferred on a SoAP member who has made distinguished contribution to the application of psychology and these contributions would include (a) the discovery and development of new information, empirical or otherwise in the addictions field; (b) alternatively, it might be the development of new modes of clinical practice, or the development of a major health delivery system for addictive behaviors.


Sandra Brown (2020)

Carlo DiClemente (2018)

Linda Sobell (2016)

Mark Sobell (2014)

William Miller (2006)

Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Public Interest

This award would be conferred on a SoAP member who has made a distinguished contributions to the advancement of public interest in the addictions field. This contribution might include research or advocacy leading others to view national policies differently, research demonstrating the importance of the application of scientific methods and theory to public policy, or research clarifying the ways scientific knowledge of human behavior informs public interest about the addiction field.


Kirk Bowden (2020)

Ricky Bluthenthal (2018)

Sandra Brown (2013)

Mark Goldman (2012)

G. Alan Marlatt (2010)

Daniel Kivlahan (2008)

Mark Goldman (2004)

Presidential Citation for Distinguished Service to the Society of Addiction Psychology (SoAP)

This award is to be recommended and voted on by the committee to the Board and would be given to a member of SoAP who has made distinguished and/or exemplary contributions through service to SoAP.


Catherine Blackwell and Ty Schepis (2021)

Nancy Petry and John Kelly (2020)

Sara Jo Nixon (2019)

Mark Schenker (2018)

Robert Leeman (2017)

Katie Witkiewitz (2015)

Marsha Bates (2014)

Jennifer Buckman (2013)

Jalie Tucker (2012)

Nancy Piotrowski (2011)

Jalie Tucker (2010)

Meyer Glantz and Robert Huebner (2008)

Keith Humphreys (2005)

Thomas Brandon and Miles Cox (2004)

Bruce Liese (2003)

Outstanding Contributions to Advancing the Understanding of Addictions

This award would be given to a non-SoAP member, and could be awarded for outstanding media portrayal, contribution to key legislation, or other contributions that has been made to advancing the understanding of the addictions.


David Sheff (2020)

Sanjay Gupta (2019)

Carlton Erickson (2018)

Jason Cherkis (2017)

Cora Lee Wetherington (2016)

Anne Fletcher (2014)

Ken Burns (2012)

Howard Shaffer (2010)

Mark Willenbring (2008)

David Sheff (2005)

Maia Szalavitz (2004)

Anne Fletcher (2003)

Society of Addiction Psychology Student Grant Awards

The Society for Addiction Psychology offers the Student Research Grant program to support graduate and undergraduate student research in the field of addiction psychology.


Maya Zegel, Kelsey Piersol, Holly Boyle, and Victoria Votaw (2021)

Neo Gebru, Christina Schulz, Mia Ricardo (2020)

Silvi Goldstein, Tiffany Jenzer, Nathan Kearns (2019)

Peter Ehlinger, Dezarie Moskal, Julianne Price (2018)

Hyoun “Andrew” Soo Kim, Justin C. Strickland, and Seven E. Tomek (2017)

Victoria Ameral, Emily Wilhite, and Min-Jeong Yang (2016)

APA Convention G. Alan Marlatt Early Career Presentation Awards

These awards are given to individuals who are early career psychologists and selected by a panel of judges to have the best presentations at the APA Annual Convention


Alexis Blessing, David Lardier, Max Owens (2022)

Laura Marks, Alexandra Palmisano (2021)

Amy Stamates, Martin Gallegos, Brian Sherman (2020)

Stephanie Adams Mendez, Robyn Hacker, and Marcia Tan (2019)

Corrie Vilsaint, Margo C. Hurlocker, and Brandon Bergman (2018)

Golfo Tzilos Wernette, Andrew Lac, and Kevin Hallgren (2017)

Matthew Pearson, Jessica Martin, and Derek Iwamoto (2016)

Jessica Brooks, Abby Braitman, and Kaston Anderson-Carpenter (2015)

Shannon Audley-Piotrowski, Mike Buckley, and Jessica Martin (2014)

Cinnamon Bidwell, Emily Tanner-Smith, and Fred Thorberg (2013)

Jason Burrow Sanchez, Stacy Ryan, and Ezemanari Obasi (2012)

Lin Fang, Kristen Sullivan, Melissa Lewis (2011)

Karen Hanson, Carmen Pulido, and Lawrence Carter (2010)

Jennifer Read, Anna Goudriaan, and Sudie Back (2009)

Lara Ray, Jennifer Van Scoyoc, and Bradley Conner (2008)

APA Convention Student Poster Awards

These awards are given to the students with the best student posters at the APA Annual Convention


Alyssa Lombardi, Lauren Meier, Emmely Pavila (2022)

Tessa Nalven, Brittany Zaring-Hinkle, Nick Ahmed (2021)

Tessa Nalven, Julie Cristello, Kathleen Giarratano (2020)

Ashley Roberts, Margeaux Cannon, Jessica Perrotte (2019)

Haitisha Mehta, Amy Stamates, and Grace Tworek (2018)

Yajaira Cabrera, Brian Letourneau, and Renee Cloutier (2017)

Lindsey Horvud, Rory Pfund, and Lindsay Handren (2016)

Helene Chokron Garneau, Cara Tomaso, and Max Owens (2015)

Lauren VanderBroek, Fred Stinson, and Morgan Levy (2014)

Joanna Sells, Quiana Daniel, and Ross MacLean (2013)

Mrinalini Rao, Michael Amlung, and Alexandra Minieri (2012)

Cendrine Robinson, Jessica Forde, Abigail Seelbach (2011)

Lindsay North, Jennifer Winward, and Ashley Smith (2010)

Katherine Keyes, Jason Oliver, and Jessica Martin (2009)

Erika Litvin, Tracey Rocha, and Cristina Benki (2008)

Barbara Calvert, Sara Walker, and Amanda Platter (2007)

Amee Patel, Amanda Ferrier, and Gregory Kavanagh (2006)

Alicia Wendler, Roy Jerome, and Carmella Walker (2005)

Danielle McCarthy, Heather Wilkie, and Marcy Burstein (2004)

Frederick Muench, Christopher Galloway, and Michael Ainette (2003)

CPA Travel Awards

These awards are given to students and early career psychologists to help defray travel costs to attend the Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction Annual Meeting.


Samuel Acuff, Daniel Delaney, Christian Garcia, Rachel Gunn, Angela Haeny, Michelle Haikalis, Lidia Meshesha, Angela Stevens, Alexander Sokolovsky (2019)

Brandon Bergman, Abigail Braitman, David Eddie, and Hayley Treloar Padovano (2018)

Tessa Frohe, Laura Hatz, Mary Beth Miller, and Mentor-Mentee award: Monica Skewes and Julia Gameon (2017)

Guadalupe Bacio, Jennifer Benson, Jon Houck, Kayleigh McCarty, and Jennifer Merrill (2016)

Joshua Gray, Anthony J. O’Sickey, Theresa McKim, Dustin Lee, and Brian Kiluk (2015)

Society of Addiction Psychology Early Career Psychologist Grant Program

The Society for Addiction Psychology offers the Early Career Psychologist Research Grant program to support early career psychologists in conducting research in the field of addiction psychology.


David Eddie (2018)

Ali Yurasek (2018)

Michael Bernstein (2017)

Distinguished Student Scholar Award on Research, Equity and Social Justice

The Society of Addiction Psychology Distinguished Student Scholar Award on Research, Equity and Social Justice award recognizes graduate student and/or post-baccalaureate affiliate members of the Society of Addiction Psychology who have made outstanding scholarly contributions to equity and social justice in the field of addiction psychology. The award is specifically designed to be provided to Division 50 students in their graduate training (including clinical internship) and/or post-baccalaureate affiliate members during the APA conference: 1) whose research advances equity and social justice through an inclusive understanding of addiction psychology across the spectrum of diversity (especially by students of historically underrepresented backgrounds), and/or; 2) Whose research serves marginalized communities and amplifies the voices of marginalized community members in addiction psychology.



Thomas Le (2021)

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