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Addiction Course Syllabus Repository

These syllabi have been reviewed by a small group of members of the Education and Training Committee of the Society of Addiction Psychology.

We make no claim that these syllabi are flawless or represent best practice; they were reviewed by our committee and are made available here as examples of syllabi that may be used or revised and used to teach a variety of levels of courses related to Addiction Psychology.

Appropriate credit for ideas found in or used from a syllabus should be indicated as outlined in the APA code of ethics. If you would like to submit your syllabi for possible inclusion, please send an electronic copy or URL to Dr. Michael Madson at

Click on the class name to view the syllabus.

Undergraduate Level

Class Title Instructor Credits
Addiction Stacey Daughters 3
Addictive Behaviors Michael MacLean 3
Addictions Counseling Natalie J. Stevenson 3
Addictions Counseling Ellen Vaughan 3
Alcoholism Katie Witkiewitz 3
Chemical Dependency Seema L. Clifasefi 3
Drugs and Behavior Michael Madson 3
Evaluation and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors Laura Holt 3
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Addictions Counseling James Sorensen 1
Psychology of Addiction Sarah Dermody 4
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors Bruce Liese 3

Graduate Level

Class Title Instructor Credits
Addictions: Assessment & Interventions Jeremiah Weinstock 3
Chemical Dependency Jeremy Schumm 3
Etiology and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors Carlo DiClemente 3
Introduction to Addiction Counseling Mark Prince 3
Introduction to Alcohol and Drug Counseling Ellen Vaughan 3
Issues of Addiction and Recovery Antover Tuliao 3
Issues in Chemical Dependency (Fall 17 & 18) Tom Horvath 2
Motivational Interviewing (I & II) Mark Prince 3
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors Bruce Liese 3
Psychological Treatment for Substance Use Disorders Nancy Haug 3
Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Michael Madson 3


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