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Candidate Statements

Election Results for 2017-2018 have been tabulated. The Candidate Statements for the elected officers are provided below.

President Elect

Jennifer Buckman, Ph.D.

It is an honor to be nominated for President Elect of the Society of Addiction Psychology. I have been in the field of addiction for over 20 years and very active in SoAP for more than a decade as treasurer (2006-2015), program chair for the Annual APA Convention (2013), and an organizer of the society’s mid-year Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction (CPA) conference since its inception. As president of the society, I would seek to continue SoAP's dedication to early career psychologists interested in addictions by expanding grant, conference, and networking opportunities. I would also seek to create new opportunities that can change societal perspectives on addiction, increase the two-way conversation between practitioners and researchers, and more deeply integrate addiction science into our public policies.

APA Council Representative - Practice

James Bray, Ph.D.

I am running for re-election to APA Council Representative to continue to get things done for YOU and our division. By electing a Council Representative who understands the broad spectrum and diversity of psychology and the unique needs of our division we can make sure that our voice is heard within the APA. As a current Council Representative of Division 50, I have learned the specific issues that APA needs to address to support our mission.  I have the knowledge, experience and established working relationships to get things done for Division 50.  Unlike other candidates, there will be no learning curve for me.  I know how to be an effective Council Representative and can focus efforts on getting more things accomplished for YOU and our profession.  My track record as the 2009 APA President is clear and compelling—look at the 2009 APA Annual Report ( and I can take this experience and hit the ground running. 

Member-at-Large (Public Interest)

Monica Webb Hooper, Ph.D.

I would be honored to serve as Member-at-Large (Public Interest) for the Society of Addiction Psychology (SoAP).  I have been engaged in tobacco control research since 1999. Much of my research has focused on enhancing the efficacy of cessation interventions via individual tailoring and group-level targeting. I am also very interested in advancing health disparities science that is focused on addictions. I am experienced in the functions of this role, which include serving as a communications liaison between SoAP and the APA Public Interest Directorate, and developing new initiatives to support and educate on policy-related topics. For example, in 2009, I spent time on Capitol Hill with the APA Public Interest Directorate to lobby for mental health parity before the Affordable Care Act was passed. I view this as an opportunity to contribute to the interests of SoAP within the larger association and nationally. I would greatly appreciate your support.

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