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@ symbolSoAP maintains two listservs. One is maintained directly by the division for general discussion and information sharing. The other is maintained directly by staff in the membership area of APA and is for announcements from the SoAP President only.

General Discussion Listserv :This listserv is maintained by the division. You may join it once you are a member by sending an email to the SoAP Membership Chair and requesting to be added to the listserv, or by visiting the listserv URL at and entering a subscribe request to the moderator.  Instructions on how to post to the listserv are also located at the listserv URL.  This listserv is graciously provided by our member Robert F. Leeman, Ph.D.

Announcements ONLY Listserv : The announce-only listserv is one upon which your email address is automatically added if you provide one to APA. Keith Cooke updates the list as new members are added to the division, or as individuals need to make adjustments to any email address or listserv subscriptions on file. The acting SoAP President is the only one who can approve announcements on this listserv. Generally announcements from this listserv are high priority time-sensitive messages from the Division President, Division Board, APA, or other entities expressing information of key importance to our members. Occasionally members request items to be put on the announce-only listserv; however, in most cases these are more likely to be appropriate for the regular General Discussion listserv described above. All messages posted on the announce-only listserv are posted at the discretion of the acting SoAP President.

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