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Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions


This award is to be given annually to a member of SoAP who has had a doctoral degree for no more than 7 years. The award is to recognize distinguished early scientific contributions to the field of addictions.  


Keith Humphreys (2003)

Jon Kassel (2004)

Thomas Piasecki (2005)

Tammy Chung (2006)

Clayton Neighbors (2007)

Susan Tapert (2008)

Carl Lejuez (2009)

Mark Muraven (2010)

Joseph LaBrie (2011)

James MacKillop (2012)

Lara Ray (2013)

Adam Leventhal (2014)

Erika Litvin Bloom (2015)

Joseph Ditre (2016)

Robert Schlauch (2017)

Jennifer Merrill (2018)

Michael Amlung (2019)

Mark Prince (2020)

Mary Beth Miller (2021)

Angelo DiBello (2022)

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