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APA Convention G. Alan Marlatt Early Career Presentation Awards


These awards are given to individuals who are early career psychologists and selected by a panel of judges to have the best presentations at the APA Annual Convention


Alexis Blessing, David Lardier, Max Owens (2022)

Laura Marks, Alexandra Palmisano (2021)

Amy Stamates, Martin Gallegos, Brian Sherman (2020)

Stephanie Adams Mendez, Robyn Hacker, and Marcia Tan (2019)

Corrie Vilsaint, Margo C. Hurlocker, and Brandon Bergman (2018)

Golfo Tzilos Wernette, Andrew Lac, and Kevin Hallgren (2017)

Matthew Pearson, Jessica Martin, and Derek Iwamoto (2016)

Jessica Brooks, Abby Braitman, and Kaston Anderson-Carpenter (2015)

Shannon Audley-Piotrowski, Mike Buckley, and Jessica Martin (2014)

Cinnamon Bidwell, Emily Tanner-Smith, and Fred Thorberg (2013)

Jason Burrow Sanchez, Stacy Ryan, and Ezemanari Obasi (2012)

Lin Fang, Kristen Sullivan, Melissa Lewis (2011)

Karen Hanson, Carmen Pulido, and Lawrence Carter (2010)

Jennifer Read, Anna Goudriaan, and Sudie Back (2009)

Lara Ray, Jennifer Van Scoyoc, and Bradley Conner (2008)

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