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Show and Tell

Spring 2022

Samuel Acuff & Roselyn Peterson

SoAP cares deeply about their trainees. The SoAP Student Committee, recently formed and written into the bylaws, led by APA Division 50 Student Representatives Samuel Acuff and Roselyn Peterson, consists of students from all stages of development, and exists solely to enhance experiences and professional opportunities for students. Although the committee has only recently been established, plans are already in place to advance the interests of students. We hope to create opportunities such as clinical and research workshops for students to develop and practice relevant skills, as well as student research forums to increase opportunities for research dissemination.

In addition to providing students with resources to bolster their training in the field of psychology, the Student Committee is committed to providing a home for networking within the SoAP community. Networking will be made available at the annual APA and CPA conferences, through student/mentor luncheons, outings such as happy hour/exercise activities, and via social media (e.g., Twitter). Follow the Division 50 Twitter handle (@apadivision50) for current events and recent projects, awards announcements/notifications, and media attention within the division.

If you are interested in joining the student committee, please reach out to Samuel Acuff ( or Roselyn Peterson ( to get plugged in!


Angela Hagaman, Jamie Jaramillo, Patrick Hibbard, Camille Cioffi, Martha Tillson

The JEAP Initiative is a project funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (R24DA051950) that aims to advance research on the effectiveness of peer recovery supports and recovery residences for emerging adults and justice-involved adults with substance use disorder. One of the goals of this project is to grow the field of skilled early career investigators focused on this research. The JEAP Initiative has onsite Postdoctoral Fellow positions as well as a Training Institute for offsite Trainees. Funds for pilot studies are included with this training. This two-year individualized training and mentoring program supports early career researchers in becoming NIH-funded researchers focused on recovery support services. 

We are pleased to announce that our first cohort of Trainees & Fellows started with us last year!  

  • Angela Hagaman, JEAP Trainee, based at East Tennessee State University 

  • Camille Cioffi, JEAP Trainee, based at University of Oregon 

  • Martha Tillson, JEAP Trainee, based at University of Kentucky 

  • Patrick Hibbard, JEAP Postdoctoral Fellow, based at the Oregon Social Learning Center 

  • Jamie Jaramillo, Postdoctoral Fellow, based at the Oregon Social Learning Center 

Meet the rest of our team here:  

Follow us on Twitter at: @OSLC_Research

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