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Time Sensitive: Get Free Online EBP Training (CRAFT Method) for Working w/Families impacted by SUD

News Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2023 - 11:30

The Schedule is now confirmed for our FREE online CRAFT Counselor Training and there are a few remaining seats available. This training is made available to you at NO COST via our National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) funded study - to learn about the best ways to train professionals in the CRAFT method.
Key dates to know: The online training begins May 24th, with the first study survey open on May 16th.

If you want to secure one of the few remaining spots in the training, you need to complete the online steps: 1. Screening, 2. Consent form, and 3. Schedule your first Mock Session in the windows provided by clicking this link HERE.


As space is limited, please complete the online forms and schedule your session as soon as possible to ensure your spot in the training is confirmed.


Note: The Mock Session will be no more than 45 minutes and will be conducted with a Standardized Patient. Further details will be provided ahead of time but no preparation is required.


Click to sign up


Reference material: Below find the key dates for the training and study activities.


Study & Training Activities

Key Dates

Estimated time burden

1st Survey & Mock Session

  • Survey #1 available between May 16-21

  • Mock Session #1 on May 20 or May 21

  • 30mins

  • 45mins

Random assignment

Receive assignment to one of three training groups

2 days: May 22 & 23


0 mins

Training part 1: Complete initial online training 

Runs for 2 weeks, between May 24-June 6

Up to 6 hours over 2 weeks.

2nd Survey & Mock Session

  • Survey #2 available between June 7-13

  • Mock Session #2 on June 10 or June 11

  • 30mins

  • 45mins

Training part 2: Participate in further online training based on randomly assigned group

Runs for 10 weeks, between June 14-August 22

Depends on your random assignment (see attachment).

3rd Survey & Mock Session

  • Survey #3 available between August 23-29

  • Mock Session #3 on August 26 or August 27

  • 30mins

  • 45mins

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