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Call for Posters: The second conference on The Practice of Addiction Psychology In San Diego, CA

News Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - 10:30

Bring your research to life by sharing your work with addiction psychology specialists in sunny San Diego.

We invite poster proposals on psychological intervention and assessment methods, research, theory, and law/ethics related to the practice of addiction psychology.  Poster applications are processed as they are received. If accepted and the presenter is unable to meet deadlines, including poster updates and corrections without sufficient notice or cause, forfeiture of the poster acceptance will occur.

What is a poster session?     

An interactive summary your research that is displayed all day at our conference. A posters organization, evidence base, and aesthetic help draw conference attendees to your work and possibly expand your professional network. It is an opportunity to engage in thought provoking conversations that may contribute to the development of your study and bring forward new ideas about clinical applications of your research.

Consider making a poster on your dissertation research, pilot studies, preliminary data., single case studies, a conceptual model, or innovative interventions in the treatment of addictions.

What does a poster look like?

Key information (brief paragraphs, bulleted outlines, diagrams, tables, graphs) organized on a board in large print.  Posters can either be printed on a single, large sheet of paper, or separate sheets of paper.  Kinko’s, or other similar businesses, can usually print posters (from a PowerPoint file) for a reasonable cost. Consider reviewing the APA article The Perfect Poster to help you better understand what goes into making a poster.

What does the presenter do at a conference?

Stand by their posters between conference sessions to share about their research and build relationships with addictive disorder specialists. Providing handout summaries to interested conference attendees can help them remember your work and bridge a new professional relationship.

Poster submission requirements:
1. One poster proposal per applicant.
2. Abstracts no more than 250 words
3. Title page
4. Submissions that do not follow the application format and/or are missing information will not be considered.
5. Submit application (next page) along with your title page, abstract, methods, results (if applicable), and discussion by email to
6. Font size should be no smaller than 12 point and must be doubled spaced.

Poster Session Application



NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________

               (First Name)               (Middle Initial)               (Last Name)               (Credential)

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________

PHONE: _________________________________  E-MAIL:__________________________________

AFFILIATION (University/Center): _____________________________________________________

RESEARCH ADVISOR (If Student): ______________________________________________

UNIVERSITY AND DATE OF DOCTORATE (If Post-Doc): ____________________________

ADDITIONAL AUTHORS (Use additional sheets if necessary):

NAME: _____________________________________________________________________

               (First Name)               (Middle Initial)               (Last Name)               (Credential)

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________

PHONE: _________________________________  


E-mail your completed application along with your title page and abstract to attn Diana

Questions about the process and for support with creating your poster please feel free to reach out to Nicole Karst, PsyD at

Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please only send ONE email with ALL the required elements.

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