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SoAP Box Sound Bites: What made you interested in the work you do?

SoAP Box: 
SoAP Box Sound Bites

Fall 2022

What made you interested in the work you do? 

Hannah Hebden

I’m inspired by my intimate knowledge of the barriers that individuals with substance use disorders face, namely the ubiquitous misunderstandings of substance use and what defines recovery. I’m continually inspired by the incredible resilience of people who struggle with substance use and the privilege of knowing people throughout their journeys.

Siobhan Perks, MPH

I became interested in substance use prevention research during my MPH program. My work in CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health exposed me to the harmful effects substance use can have on individuals and populations. I am specifically interested in prevention efforts for youth and young adults; I hope to make an impact on their lives before they develop established use behaviors.

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