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SoAP Box Sound Bites: What Is The Best Career Advice You Have Ever Gotten To Date?

SoAP Box: 
SoAP Box Sound Bites

Fall 2021

Mark Schenker, PhD, Chelsie Young, PhD, Melissa Hatch, BA

What is the best career advice you have ever gotten to date?

Mark Shenker, PhD

My mentor, Jay Efran, practiced a unique constructivist psychotherapy derived from his advisor, George Kelly. A former patient visited him, and Jay asked whether any specific thing was helpful. He replied, “Do you remember when you said, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’?” Jay told this story every year to the incoming class to demonstrate that we never know what will have an impact on a patient.

Chelsie Young, PhD
Rowan University

As a graduate student (and as a faculty member!) I have struggled with knowing when to ask for help. Clayton Neighbors taught me to work on a task for 30 minutes and if I haven't made progress in that time, ask for help. This technique has saved me so much time over the years!

Melissa Hatch, BA
The University of New Mexico

As a student, some of the best advice I’ve received is to continue to collaborate with the mentors and colleagues whose perspectives inspire you, even if you switch institutions or affiliations. Following this advice has kept research fun and engaging for me, and has provided me with a reason to remain in contact with individuals I like and respect in the field.

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