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SoAP Box summer 2019

SoAP Box is the web-based newsletter for the Society of Addiction Psychology (SoAP, aka American Psychological Association Division 50). The SoAP Box is curated in Fall, Spring, and Summer, and features articles relevant to the science and practice of addiction psychology, as well as information about ongoing SoAP activities and announcements from SoAP leadership, SoAP committee chairs, and SoAP members.

President's Column

President’s Column

Jennifer Buckman

Editor's Corner

Editor’s Corner

Dana Litt

Advocate’s Alcove

Advocate’s Alcove

Nancy A. Piotrowski

Research Briefs

Early Career Psychologist Spotlight

Early Career Psychologist Awards

David Eddie & Ali Yurasek

SoAP Box Sound Bites

How Can Our Division Better Support The Clinicians And Researchers Of Tomorrow?

Michael Amlung, Renee Cloutier, Ross Fishman, Adam Leventhal

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Kirk Bowden, Jalie A. Tucker

Finding Success in Failure

Community Corner

Division Announcements

APA Meeting Announcements

CPA Announcements

Member Announcements

SoAP Member Services

Officer List

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