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"From Scratch to Match" - eHandbook for Internship Applicants

News Date: Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 11:00

As many of you may be aware, the internship application season is now upon those finishing their graduate training in clinical and counseling psychology. The internship year provides greater depth and breadth in clinical training.

Given its importance, my colleague, Dr. Russ Marks, and I have developed an eHandbook with supplementary resources to help applicants navigate what can often feel like an overwhelming process with little guidance. One of our motivations to develop this eHandbook was to help students overcome what we see as long-standing barriers—financial and otherwise—to becoming the psychologist they desire. Another is that we have come to appreciate that talent is randomly distributed, but opportunity is not. Those from diverse backgrounds are often underrepresented due to this disparity—and greater diversity among clinical and counseling psychologists is imperative if we want a dynamic and diverse workforce capable of addressing complex global health issues. 

Accordingly, this is meant to be a free resource for any and all graduate students. It is our hope that members of this community can directly use this and/or pass along to their graduate mentees, peers, or anyone else who may stand to benefit.

The document, entitled “From Scratch to Match” (we are fans of rhyme schemes) is attached here (as an associated file/s). Its supplemental materials can also be found online at the enclosed link:

Best of luck to any internship applicants on the listserv!

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