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ABCT Addictive Behaviors Special Interest Group - Faculty Taking Students List AY2022-2023

News Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2021 - 11:00

It is that time of year again to solicit the ABCT Addictive Behaviors Special Interest Group faculty taking students list! This list is a service the Addictive Behaviors SIG provides to our field and gives visibility to our wonderful group.  Below is the standard email sent every year, so for those who are not aware of the list and its purpose please see below. Attached is last year's list for reference. It had over 70 faculty with addictive behavior interests (broadly defined) who were or were not recruiting students for psychology-related graduate programs.  We are using a Google spreadsheet where faculty are to go input new information or review and update last year's information as necessary.  The main advantage of using a Google Spreadsheet is it becomes a living document and each faculty member is responsible for their own information. Please note, I will send out a view-only link and a pdf of the list for broad dissemination on October 4, 2021. 

Instructions for this year:

Use this link to get to the Google Spreadsheet to review and update faculty information.  Last year's list is the starting point for the list. Please note there are two tabs:  (1) Faculty Taking Students, and (2) Faculty Not Taking Students.  Please update your information to the appropriate list.  Currently, all entries are in red font with green shading.  Upon updating your information, please change the font to black, and remove the shading.  The font and shading allows me to know who has and has not updated their information. Individuals who do not update their information will have it deleted before the list is disseminated so we do not perpetuate inaccurate information. 

Please follow-up with me with any questions or concerns. 

Best wishes, 



Standard Email: 


Each year many of us work with undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a masters or doctoral degree in an area of psychology with an emphasis on addictive behaviors. And speaking for myself, each year I provide the same five to ten names of colleagues who I know may be taking students. On the flip side, each year I am trying to find strong applicants whose research interests align with mine and who would be a good candidate for admissions to our graduate program.

So, in order to better serve our undergraduate students and aid in the recruitment of graduate students, I am hoping to again coordinate a list of faculty in graduate programs (both masters and doctoral) with research interests in addictive behaviors, broadly defined, who are taking students for the upcoming academic year (2022-2023).  We also include a list of faculty who are not taking students in the upcoming year -- hopefully sparing you of several emails inquiring about whether you are taking a student in the upcoming year.  The plan would then be to distribute the lists to members of Addictive Behaviors SIG and numerous other outlets by October 4, 2021 so that they may then share it with their students.

If you are interested in participating please send your information by Friday, October 1, 2021.  Below is an example for a faculty member who is taking a student.  If you are not taking a student, please place your name, graduate program and institution on the Not Taking Students list.    


Graduate Program Degree Level 



Extra Info 

Bluto Blutarsky 


Faber College 

Research interests in college student drinking & Greek life.  Clinical psych masters. 


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