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2nd Request Seeking Addiction Syllabi

News Date: Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 14:30

Thank you very much to the folks who have responded offering their syllabi for the repository within the Teaching Addiction Psychology subcommittee of the Division 50 Committee on Education and Training. It is really amazing to see the different things folks are doing. Below is Dr. Madson's original message and we are reposting as there are likely many more great classes out there. 


This request is on behalf of the Teaching Addiction Psychology subcommittee of the Division 50 Committee on Education and Training. The committee is beginning an initiative to develop resources for those teaching classes relating to addiction psychology at the undergraduate (e.g., Drugs and Behavior) and graduate levels (e.g., Treatment of Substance Use Disorders). As a first step, the committee is seeking to develop a syllabus repository. The goal is to develop this repository similar to what Division 2 (Teaching of Psychology) has done with their Project Syllabus.

Therefore, interested members should share their syllabi with the subcommittee to be included in the repository. If you are interested in sharing your syllabus, please email it to Dr. Michael Madson directly at Along with your syllabus, please include the following information:

  1. Is this a graduate or undergraduate class?
  2. If a graduate class, what level is it – Master’s, Doctoral, both?
  3. If an undergraduate class, what level is it – upper level (junior/senior) or lower level (freshmen/sophomore)?
  4. How many credits is the course?

Additionally, if there are any other resources for teaching addiction psychology that you would like to see or share, please email Dr. Madson to let the committee know.

Thank you!

Michael B. Madson, Ph.D.
School of Psychology
Associate Chair – USM Institutional Review Board
The University of Southern Mississippi

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