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CPA Program Chair's Choice papers


This year we are continuing the Program Chairs' Choice Paper submission format where individuals submit proposals for single paper presentations that fit themes. Individual papers are peer reviewed (with the same scoring format as symposium and posters) and the top scoring (4-6) submissions will be chosen for a slot in one of two program chair choice paper submissions.

The submission should include a 250-word abstract summarizing empirical research, methodological, or theoretical advances related to this year’s theme: Equity at Every Stage: Addressing addiction across the lifespan and bridging disparities. *Please note, preference will be given to papers that do not utilize convenience samples.

Papers can be submitted addressing one of three areas:

  1. Development and implementation of novel addiction treatments to reduce disparities and promote equity across the lifespan (any developmental period from early childhood through older adulthood)
  2. Exploring mechanisms of behavior change with a focus on equity and disparities across the lifespan (any developmental period from early childhood through older adulthood)
  3. Measurement, prediction, and identification of disparities across the lifespan  (any developmental period from early childhood through older adulthood)
Lead Presenter
e.g., Assistant Professor, Student
Enter name and degree of each co-presenter. Separate multiple co-presenters with a comma, (ex. Joe Smith PhD, Jane Doe MA, Bill Jones BA). Enter "none' if no co-presenters.
Financial Disclosures
About The Session
(100 character maximum, PLEASE USE ALL CAPS)
(225 word maximum)
Registration Waivers and Travel Awards
Your first-authored submission will be considered for one of the registration waivers or travel awards. Only members of APA Division 50 are eligible to receive travel awards (includes Member or Student Affiliate status). Graduate student trainees or postdoctoral fellows who identify as members of an underrepresented minority group and have limited financial resources to attend the conference may be selected for one of the diversity registration waivers or travel awards. You may provide answers for the following, voluntarily, in order to be considered.
(e.g., person of color, person with a disability, member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning community)
To demonstrate financial need, applicants should describe any financial resources they have to attend CPA, including personal grant funds / scholarships / fellowships, graduate school travel funding, supervisor/advisor funds, etc. (approximately 3-4 sentences)

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