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UF CBEHR Workshop: Dynamic Models of Decision-Making and their Application to Health-Relevant Behavior

News Date: Saturday, October 29, 2022 - 14:30

The Center for Behavioral Economic Health Research (CBEHR) at the University of Florida will be offering a 2-session Zoom workshop on dynamic models of decision making presented by Dr. Peter Kvam. Please see below for more details and the registration link.

Center for Behavioral Economic Health Research

November 1st, November 8th 3:00 - 5:00 PM (ET) Seminar

Dynamic Models of Decision-Making and their Application to Health- Relevant Behavior



Peter Kvam, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Florida

In this workshop, participants will learn about dynamic models of cognition and how to apply them to studying health-relevant behavior.

The workshop will first introduce the most common approaches to modeling both decisions that people make and the response times associated with these decisions, focusing on simple diffusion and accumulator models. The second part will focus on how these models have been applied in health-relevant settings to characterize individual differences and disorders related to processes like impulsivity, attention, and learning. The final part of the workshop will focus on applying these models to data, including a tutorial on applying several of these models in R (along with recommendations on how to implement them in MATLAB or Python). The workshop will conclude with a brief overview of recent developments and tools that are designed to make modeling more accessible, including new machine learning approaches to automatically fitting model parameters.

The workshop will help participants develop knowledge of contemporary methods for designing and fitting dynamic models of choice, and the skills to implement these to quantify individual differences in behavior in their own data. Having some training in probability and statistics and (pre-)calculus will be helpful. The material should be accessible for advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as for more senior researchers.

A brief outline of the schedule for the workshop is provided below.

November 1

3:00-4:00      Introduction to dynamic models (Presentation)

4:00-4:30      Relationships between model parameters and health (Presentation)

4:30-5:00      Example application to intertemporal choice data using MATLAB and JAGS (Tutorial)

November 8

3:00-3:30      Example application to risky choice data using R and Stan (Tutorial)

3:30-4:00      Moving beyond the binary: continuous and multi-alternative choice (Presentation)

4:00-4:30      New machine learning tools for model fitting (Demonstration)

4:30-5:00      Example application to risky intertemporal choice data using machine learning             (Tutorial)


Register in advance for this workshop:



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