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SUNY Buffalo Seeking Post-Doc

News Date: Monday, May 14, 2018 - 10:30

Classification Title: Postdoctoral Associate
Position Title: Postdoctoral Associate
Posting Number: R1800085

Position Summary
The laboratory of Dr. Caroline E. Bass at the University at Buffalo, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology is seeking two highly motivated scientists to join a multifaceted neuropharmacology research laboratory that studies motivated behaviors and drug addiction. Our primary goal is to determine the neural substrates that influence drug seeking behaviors. We are currently funded to examine the contribution of mesoaccumbal and mesocortical GABA circuits in reward related learning and drug seeking behaviors.

We use a combination of advanced molecular, genetic, and behavioral approaches, including cutting-edge genetic tools to perform gain- and loss-of-function experiments, optogenetics and chemogenic (DREADD) based manipulations, and in vivo calcium imaging (e.g. GCamP). Our laboratory specializes in applying advanced molecular/viral manipulations to sophisticated behaviors, most often in rat models of food and drug seeking. Post docs in the lab can learn a variety of molecular approaches including viral vector design and packaging (adeno-associated virus, AAV), cloning, RNA quantification by real time PCR, western blotting, RNA sequencing, and translating RNA affinity purification (TRAP). Circuit level approaches include combinatorial targeting of neuronal subtypes, as well as retrograde targeting of specific neuronal subtype projections, particularly in wildtype rats. Behavioral assays including drug and food self-administration, drug discrimination, delay discounting, five choice serial reaction time task, incentive cue task, and reversal learning. Confocal microscopy, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence are also performed. There are opportunities to work on collaborative efforts with techniques such as fast-scan cyclic voltammetry. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire the skills needed to perform modern cause versus effects studies in behavioral neuroscience. Additionally, the laboratory has a strong foundation in behavioral pharmacology particularly with cannabinoid agonists, antagonists and endocannabinoid modulators.

The positions are funded by the NIH. Applicants should be extremely motivated and willing to learn new techniques. Under-represented minorities, women, and post-docs with families are highly encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to applications with experience in rodent behavioral models, particularly operant behaviors, or stereotaxic surgeries. Strong written communication skills are necessary.

Minimum Qualifications
PhD in neuroscience, pharmacology, molecular biology, psychology, or related discipline.

Preferred Qualifications
PhD with experience with rodent stereotaxic surgery and behavioral testing.

Contact's Name: Caroline Bass PhD
Contact's Title: Assistant Professor
Contact's Email:
Contact's Phone: 716-829-3790
Deadline for external applicants: open until filled
Appointment Term: FTE: 0.50-1.00
Salary Range: $36,000- $50,316 at full time
Employer: Research Foundation

Contact:University at Buffalo
Online App. Form:

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