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SoAP Clinical Teleconference Announcement. And a BONUS!

News Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 15:45

The Bad News: Due to a scheduling conflict we will not be presenting a Clinical Teleconference this month. We are, as we speak, working on the rest of the 2019 calendar and have a number of excellent speakers coming up. Stay tuned for further news. 
The Good News: As a New Year bonus, links for last year’s Clinical Teleconferences are provided below, for your edification and enjoyment. As you can see, we’ve had a varied and strong program, and are happy to share this with you. Each of these has an associated PowerPoint presentation, or similar material, which I’m happy to provide if you contact me directly at Unless I’m deluged with requests, I’ll provide the supporting material ASAP.
1/12/18   Katie Witkiewitz  Mindfulness in Recovery.
2/2/18     Bruce Liese, Ph.D.   Ethics for Addiction Professionals (Part 1).
3/2/18     Bruce Liese, Ph.D.   Ethics for Addiction Professionals (Part 2).
4/13/18   Brandon Bergman, Ph.D.   Use of Social Media in Recovery.
7/13/18   Nicole Kosanke, Ph.D.  CRAFT Approach for Family Members.
10/12/18 Joseph Troncale, M.D. ACT in Addiction Treatment.
11/9/18    Jeffrey Foote, Ph.D.: Family Support Networks.
12/14/18  Kathryn McHugh, Ph.D.: CBT for Opiate Use Disorders.
Thanks for your support in this project, and hope you all can join us in February!
Mark D. Schenker, Ph.D.

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