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Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Training 2018

News Date: Sunday, July 8, 2018 - 18:00


Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy 3-Day Training

September 28 - 30  |  The New School, New York City

This three-day intensive training will explore the current scientific revolution in addiction treatment. Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (IHRP) is a treatment for individuals struggling with addictive and risky behavior, trauma and other mental health issues. Learn more about this training and use offer code earlybird to receive 20% off until July 31.

Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Certificate Program

Online starting in February 2019 

This intensive training program is designed for mental health and addiction treatment professionals, and those working in harm reduction settings. Part 1 of the program includes attending a 3-day IHRP training in New York City. Part 2 of the program consists of 15 weekly classes held ONLINE on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:50 p.m. EST beginning February 27, 2019. Please note the in-person version of this program has moved to Fall 2019.  Learn more and apply here.

Monthly Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Consultation Group

Fridays, 12:15 – 1:45 pm | Beginning in September

Dr. Andrew Tatarsky leads a monthly consultation group focused on Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (IHRP) for the full spectrum of risky and addictive behavior (substance use, sex, eating, shopping, gambling). The group welcomes mental health practitioners and substance use practitioners (e.g., Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, CASACs) who have some knowledge and experience with harm reduction. Apply here.

Have Questions? In our most recent Optimal Live Talk Drs. Andrew Tatarsky and Jenifer Talley discuss the Harm Reduction Psychotherapy training and Certificate Program and provide an overview of the main principles of harm reduction.


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