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Get (More Involved): Run for an Office in the Society of Addiction Psychology!

News Date: Thursday, January 3, 2019 - 08:45

Get (More Involved): Run for an Office in the Society of Addiction Psychology!
Lauren Hoffman
Chair, SoAP Nominations and Elections Committee 
This is your once-a-year opportunity to get more involved in the Society of Addiction Psychology (SoAP)! This year we are looking to fill two positions: (1) President-Elect, (2)Member-at-Large (Practice). The 3-year terms of these offices start at the close of the SoAP Business Meeting at the APA convention in 2019.
You are already devoting considerable time to treating and/or conducting research with individuals with addictive behaviors. Here is your opportunity to have an impact on the field at the national level. Self-nominations are invited and you only need 2.5% of the membership to endorse your nomination in order for you to be placed on the ballot (deadline: mid-January). If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please email Lauren Hoffman at
Here’s what will happen:
•  The Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee will solicit nominations through the SoAP listserv.
•  Candidate biographies will run in the Spring 2019 issue of TAN.
•  The electronic ballot will be distributed by the APA Central Office in April 2019 (with a June 1st deadline).
All SoAP members and fellows are eligible to run for either office.
The President-Elect functions as the Vice President for the first year. They become President in the second year of their term, then Past President in the third year. The President-Elect spends the first year getting oriented to the current Board, observing the activities of the SoAP, participating in various initiatives, and contributing ideas to the strategic planning for the upcoming year (the year they become President). After completing the President-Elect year, the President presides at all meetings of the SoAP Membership and Board of Directors as Chairperson and implements any new strategic initiatives. The President performs other duties consistent with the Bylaws or decided upon by the Board of Directors. The President also gives the Society’s Presidential Address at the APA convention (2019 in Chicago). The Past President then serves as advisor to the current President. The term of the President-Elect will overlap with the 2018-2019 Past President Jennifer Buckman, and the 2019-2020 President Linda Sobell and his/her own successor.
Member-At-Large (Practice)
This Member at-Large (MAL) (Practice) serves as liaison between SoAP and the more “practice-oriented” divisions such as Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology), 29 (Psychotherapy),39 (Psychoanalysis), and 49 (Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy),as well as APA’s Practice Directorate. These responsibilities are in addition to involvement in the more general leadership responsibilities shared by the entire executive committee of SoAP. Elected Officers are expected to attend the Business Meeting and the Board Meeting at the next four APA Conventions (August) and to participate in monthly conference calls. Paul Stasiewicz currently holds this position.

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