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Announcement about APA Operations through 2020

News Date: Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 11:30

Across the country, people are trying to figure out how to safely ease physical distancing measures and get people back into the workplace. APA has been and will continue approaching these types of decisions very thoughtfully, following the best available science and prioritizing the health and safety of our members and staff. We will continue to monitor closely both the science and the best practices of other national and global organizations who share our concern for health and safety. These considerations are also being made in the context of APA’s successful transition to 100% virtual, which has been smooth overall and still enabled us to provide needed services to staff and members.

Based on this, APA has decided not to approve travel or hold in-person meetings through the end of 2020. The rationale for these decisions is threefold: 

  • The health and safety of APA members and staff is our number one priority. Many scientists and public health officials have shared expectations for how the pandemic will play out, stating that there will very likely be significant risks associated with travel through the end of the year. 
  • In-person meetings require individuals to travel from all over the country, with some even traveling internationally. Not only is there a risk in asking people to travel and bringing them together from different places, but there’s the added risk of convening members in Washington, D.C., currently considered a COVID-19 ‘hot spot’. 
  • For APA to operate most effectively, we need to have some level of certainty for planning and executing the tasks that lie ahead of us. These decisions help to provide that certainty and guidance for members and staff who plan, facilitate, and take part in APA meetings. 

Additionally, we have decided that APA will continue with 100% telework through the end of 2020. We will continue to monitor the situation and may adjust the return date based on major new developments. We are focused not only on the physical safety of staff when in the building, but their psychological safety as well.

We encourage you to join tonight’s CLT Town Hall for Council members at 7:00pm EST and to engage in the conversation about how Council can accomplish its important work in a virtual environment this year.

These are big decisions, and we can assure you they were not made lightly. It has been difficult to consider and balance all the factors at play and to formulate plans in this moving, safety-threatening situation. We hope these announcements provide you with some certainty as you navigate your personal and professional schedules and those of your families in the coming months.

Take care and be safe,

Sandy and A.C.E.

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