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Intervention/Treatment for Substance Use Disorder, Part 3: Dr. Stephen Higgins - Contingency Management

Podcast Date: 
Monday, August 16, 2021 - 08:16

Contingency management is a therapy based in behaviorism in which individuals are 'reinforced' for evidence of positive behavioral change. In this episode, Dr. Stephen Higgins explains contingency management and outlines the support for its efficacy. He also discusses why it hasn't been adopted more widely, despite its strong efficacy, and why we should be doing more contingency management. Dr. Higgins is the Virginia H. Donaldson Professor of Translational Science, Vice Chair of Psychiatry, Professor of Psychiatry, Professor of Psychological Science, and Director of Vermont Center on Behavior and Health at The University of Vermont.

The recent systematic review and meta-analysis, led by Dr. Hypatia A. Bolivar and published in JAMA Psychiatry, referred to in the podcast can be found here.  

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