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Intervention/Treatment for Substance Use Disorder, Part 1: Dr. Jim Murphy - Brief Motivational Interventions

Podcast Date: 
Monday, June 7, 2021 - 14:25

College students drink at higher levels than most other groups; yet, their motivation to reduce drinking is often low because alcohol consumption provides salient social benefits. Despite these benefits, emerging adulthood is a critical developmental period that can impact the likelihood of alcohol use disorder over the lifespan. Dr. Jim Murphy talks broadly about brief motivational interventions (BMIs) for college populations, which typically deliver personalized feedback in a motivational interviewing style to increase motivation to change drinking practices among college students. Jim also discusses the limitations to BMIs and discusses his work to try to extend their efficacy. Dr. Jim Murphy is the Dunavant Professor in the Department of Psychology in the University of Memphis. 

This is the first episode in a three part series on intervention and treatment, which will be followed by episodes on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Contingency Management.  

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