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Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) in Addictions


SoAP has an ongoing interest in evidence based practices (EBPs) in addictions treatment. The division provides continuing education on EBPs, and is working to provide a useful portal of information on EBPs in addictions. The division is now collecting additional information for the portal to provide division members, other psychologists, and the general public with useful information on such practices. Many organizations have amassed such information and resources, so our goal is to help you efficiently find what is available. Additionally, we seek to collect new information about resources you may like to share about EBPs in addictions.

At the current time, a general portal on this information is being created. Additionally, a specialty portal focused on addictions and trauma is being created in collaboration with Division 56 (Trauma Psychology). General resources on psychological treatments also are developing in collaboration with Division 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology).

Be sure to check back for updates, as these pages will be continually developed as new resources are uncovered.

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